3 Steps to Removing Car Dents and Scratches

You always smile when you are driving your car, until it gets a dent. Painting a car is really costly and a small scratch can call for an additional spending to clear the dent. How then do you go about removing dents from your car? It is practically impossible to remove scratches from your car if you have not been trained to do so. The good news is that mechanics are the right professionals who can permanently get rid of those scratches. You may wonder how they are going to do that without repainting the entire car but is nothing to worry as you are going to see below:

Leveling the Paint

The first step mechanics will do is to make sure that the area surrounding the scratch is on the same level with the dent. Sanding using hands is done with a special paper and thereafter the mechanic will have to do polishing of the affected area. A rotary buffer is often used by mechanics to do the sanding process and this should take a few minutes but it generally depends on the size of the damage.


Fine Tuning

Sanding is a process that needs to be done carefully if you want to get rid of the damage effectively. Professional mechanics will do it gently until they see a visible improvement on the damage.

Pain Thickness Gauge

This should then be used to make sure that the paint level is not affected at all. The last but not the least the mechanics will do is to find any other areas that need sanding before your car is polished.

When final polishing is done, a wax will be applied and your car will now be dent free. As you have seen, getting rid of scratches in your car may be a breathtaking task hence it is always good to call a professional mechanic for ideal assistance.